Calcitrating in the Style of the Archaic Academy

OSRIC Rashtan Session 1



Nicanor CG Ranger
Barnabas LG Paladin
Ahjmed and Modestlaku (Henchmen of the Party)

Location: Frankish Riverlands, Hildorian Marches

Situation: Hearing of disturbances along the northern border, the Duneidein Ranger and his Teutonic Order ally have headed northward to offer their help.

Day 1

* Party of enter the 7-town hamlet of Rashtan, along the Old Marachel Rd. They make contact with Korec at the Wayfarer’s Place, where they talked with Korec & Harold’s niece about Harold’s disappearance. They were given a map, 25GP to assist in equipping themselves. They spend some at Silo’s General Store and Jord’s Forge.
* Jord can repair weapons, or make small ones, but can not manufacture armor or weapons. He said he could do more if he had the proper type of iron.
* The party talked to Sheriff Talon about finding Harold, and Talon told them he was worried about reports of attacks by wildlings (savage humanoid and human tribes or bandits).
* The party went north along the Old Marachel Rd, and camped overnight.

Day 2

* The party found the small trail leading to Harold’s Cottage, and took it. They camped in the wood at night.

Day 3

* The party was attacked by two centipedes crawling along the roadway. Modestlaku was paralyzed by its poison bite, and sorely taxed, but is recovering. The party plans to rest for two days until Modestlaku recovers.

Day 4

* 3 Brigands approach the camp! They are roving around, hard-bitten mercenaries out of work and looking for someone to rob. One is equipped with shortbow and two others with a saber. They wear leathers, and two carry shields.



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