Paladin of the Teutonic Order in the Frankish Riverlands.


Male Human Paladin
Age 20 Alignment LG Level 1 HP 10 AC 7

STR 14 Min: 1-2 / Maj: 7%
INT 17 6 Extra Languages
WIS 16 Magic Save Bonus: +2
CON 12 Res: 85% / Sys Shk: 80%
DEX 14
CHA 17 Hench: 10 / Loyal: +30% / React: +30%

XP: 0
GOAL 2,550


He is immaculate in appearance, has short blonde hair, and is generally attentive, but also courteous. His disposition is proud but he is truthful by nature. He comes off as being quite energetic. He can be perceived as virtuous when it comes to his morality. He has a great interest in exotic animals.
Member of the Teutonic Order of the Frankish Riverlands.


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