Egoistic Human Ranger


Male Human Ranger
Age 18 Alignment CG Level 1 HP 7 AC7

STR 14 Min: 1-2 / Maj: 7%
INT 15 4 Extra Languages
WIS 18 Magic Save Bonus: +4
CON 17 HP: +3 / Res: 98% / Sys Shk: 97%
CHA 11 Hench: 4

XP: 0
GOAL 2,550


He is clean in appearance, has curly white hair with a short moustache, and is generally suspicious and cautious, but also egoist and arrogant. His disposition is harsh but he is truthful by nature. He is quite foolhardy in the face of danger. He comes off as being quite slothful. He can be perceived as lustful when it comes to his morality. He has a great interest in exotic animals.

Member of the Duneidein Rangers of West Kongo.


Calcitrating in the Style of the Archaic Academy PaulusMagus