Calcitrating in the Style of the Archaic Academy

OSRIC Rashtan Session 2

At the Cottage of Harold the Hedge Mage


Nicanor CG Ranger
Barnabas LG Paladin
Ahjmed and Modestlaku (Henchmen of the Party)

Location: Frankish Riverlands, Hildorian Marches, the Einwald forest/

Day 4

* 3 Brigands approach the camp! They are roving around, hard-bitten mercenaries out of work and looking for someone to rob. One is equipped with shortbow and two others with a saber. They wear leathers, and two carry shields.

Took Spell Component Potion:

* A pinch of soot and a few grains of salt (for comprehend languages 1 cast)
* 2 small magnets (mending 1 cast)
* A pinch of fire sand (sleep 1 cast)
* A small leather loop (levitate 1 cast)

* Upon reaching Harold’s cottage they searched through it, Modestlaku was nearly slain by crossbow fire. After battling the orcs and hobgoblins in the basement they settled down to recover over the next week. They captured Borka Burka the Orc, who told the players they’d been forced to cooperate with a hobgoblin group based in a local mine.
* Modestlaku will be recovered on Day 13, (1 week +1 day per HP below -1).



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